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Posted by Waste Not on Monday, 13 January 2020

Fruit ‘n’ veg can be a bit wonky. It’s not naturally shiny. It can even have a bruise or two. The problem is we’ve all got used to seeing it competing in beauty shows on shelves looking ’perfect’. So great fruit ‘n’ veg, ends up bin fruit ‘n’ veg.

Throwing away all that unloved produce means that even more needs to be grown: taking more trees, more water, more fertiliser, more pesticides, and more energy. That’s a global, sad-face emoji situation.

We had a ponder. How could we be more responsible about using what the world grows for us? The answer was staring at us from the shelves. Use the wonky fruit ‘n’ veg. All of it? Absolutely. It all tastes good and it’s all good for us. Who cares if it’s got looks that only a mother could love? Because, a bit like people, what’s really beautiful about it is on the inside. To us, waste is a state of mind.

That’s how Waste Not was born. We make fresh, fantastic-tasting, all-natural juice, using whole fruit ‘n’ veg. Once swigged, never forgotten.

Waste Not

Feel good. Do good. Taste good.

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