Feel Good.

We really hope that our juice makes you happy inside. It could be all the vitamins, minerals, phytonutirients and fibre in every bottle of Waste Not doing their thing, or maybe it’s the fact that you’re doing your bit to reduce waste. Either way, it’s a feel-good story.

Do Good.

We’re not really into halos, but it is true that every bottle of Waste Not is part of changing and improving the way the world uses fruit ‘n’ veg. For example, in traditional juice-making for every five oranges used, one ends up being chucked away. That’s purely for cosmetic reasons. It’s a little bit of do-gooding in a bottle.

Taste Good.

Take a gulp and you’ll taste the difference. It’s so good for a reason. Our fruit ‘n’ veg is taken at its freshest and then cold-pressed. That just means that we pick it, then super-squash it in cold conditions. This gets rid of any bugs but keeps all the nutrients in place, locking in that just-picked flavour. Then it’s straight into the bottle, and straight to you. Shake it up, glug it down, taste the goodness.

To us, cold-pressing is a no-brainer for flavour. A lot of juices you’ll come across are heated as part of the pasteurisation process, which basically kills off the raw goodness and dulls the taste. The other thing about cold-pressing is that because it uses high-pressure processing it gives our juices a longer, natural, shelf-life so that, you guessed it, there’s less waste. That has to leave a good taste in your mouth.

The Juice